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7 types of property used as filming locations

News Article

7 types of property used as filming locations

Filming in private homes has recently become a popular way to make extra cash, with more homeowners than ever opening their front doors to film or photo shoot crews.

But you needn’t have a grand or glamorous home to get signed up as a location – shoots take place in a more varied range of places than you might think; from commercial properties to rural cottages and everything in between.

Here are seven types of properties from which you could earn extra income by renting as a filming location. 

1. Property developments

Empty homes waiting for planning permission or development can be great blank canvases for filming and an opportunity to earn some extra income without lifting a finger. Too good to be true? Not at all – properties such as Forbes Manor are popular with production companies working on films or TV series as they’re ready to be transformed into a film set from the off, without having to work around existing belongings.

2. Unmodernised homes

From blank canvases to the opposite end of the spectrum. Unmodernised family houses are also sought after locations. Take Brunswick for example. A slightly kitsch and suburban look makes for an edgy backdrop for fashion shoots or gritty dramas, and production teams will often use the existing decor just as it is for a realistic look and feel.

3. Beach houses

Are you a beach house owner? Lucky you! Beautiful surroundings and seaside locations can be big draws for filming and shooting, so the off season period could turn into a lucrative earner if hired out as a location, and can easily fit around holiday lets.

4. Period homes

Period features are often high on the wish list for shooting locations, so if your property is blessed with high ceilings, large windows, fireplaces and so on, it could be a location success story like Westwood. This traditional period family house was actually designed with shoots in mind, with spacious, simply furnished rooms. It can also be completely painted and decorated if required, making it an attractive option for interiors shoots. If you’re also lucky enough to have off-street parking, even better. The owner of this property has created a second career out running her home as a location.

 5. Contemporary family homes

If you have young children and a contemporary family house, yours could be an ideal backdrop for commercial shoots. You needn’t worry about disruption either – at the end of the shoot when the production has packed up and left, you’ll never even know they were there as one homeowner can verify; ‘The crew were really considerate, the house was left immaculate.’ Kitchens are key for such productions, and a crisp, modern look is very much in demand. If you’ve got a kitchen island, so much the better, as it’s a desirable feature for sets – along with exposed brickwork and folding doors out onto the garden. Who wouldn’t want all those things in a home, after all?

6. Commercial properties

Restaurant, bar or shop owner? If your location is closed during the day or over the weekdays or weekends, hosting a shoot can supplement your income. It could be just the missing piece in the jigsaw needed for a scene in a film shoot. This Hackney Restaurant is closed during the day, but is on our books and is available for shooting during closing hours. A smart choice for business owners indeed.

7. Schools, academies and universities

While not always the most exciting of venues, places of learning are nevertheless crucial locations for films and commercials. Hiring out these sites over the school holidays can earn some valuable extra income – and is sure to impress students when they return from the summer holidays and hear their school has been on film!

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