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How to Prepare your Home for a Location Shoot

News Article

How to Prepare your Home for a Location Shoot

The sun starts to rise on the morning the crew is coming to use your property for a location shoot.

Inevitably, you’ll be rushing around getting the kids out, or taking that unexpected phone call from work when you hear the doorbell ring.

The key, of course, is to be prepared, so here are the Fresh Top Five Tips to achieving your Location Shoot Inner Peace!

Match your rooms to the location library photos

Fresh will take you through the entire process so you know which rooms and areas the production will use at your location. All you need to do is get them looking like the photos in the location library or when the production team came to look around.

Tidy up and store away important items

Tidy up and store away important items in the rooms the crew is using so they don’t mix them up with their props.

Make the crew feel welcome

Welcome the crew, perhaps with a cuppa. Walk round the spaces booked with your location manager (which Fresh will help you prepare for) and when you both are happy, leave them to get on with the shoot, but be contactable just in case.

Be considerate to any crew equipment

If the crew needs to leave equipment overnight or are shooting over several days, Fresh will check that you are happy for them to do so during the booking process. If you agree, and the location manager and crew do leave a set ready for shooting the next day, close the door on those spaces being used and make sure you don’t disturb anything.

Keep in touch with your location manager

At the end of the shoot, walk round the spaces with the location manager and make sure you’re happy with how the team have left your location. Highlight any problems to them straight away, and of course, Fresh Locations are always on the end of the phone to help you solve them.

Start your journey today by registering your property or signing-up with Fresh Locations.