Aside from being super lovely and friendly, the team at Fresh always have our back. We feel like we’re in safe hands with them, we’re not just a location, they understand that above all this is our home, and they always put our best interests first. We wouldn’t put our house in the hands of anyone else.
Nicki – Sydenham Lodge – SE26

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Interested in hiring out your house for shoots? If you’ve got an incredible place, we’d love to hear about it. Our dedicated locations team can help you earn extra income from your property and provide advice and guidance, every step of the way.

Why use Fresh Locations?

At Fresh Locations we’re obsessed with delivering amazing service to the owners of our location houses. Our team really get to know each property and its owners and our many years of experience have earned us a great reputation for being friendly, personal and professional, allowing us to work with high calibre clients and negotiate the highest possible rates.

We commission professional photographers so your home looks its very best on our website. We want every shoot to go brilliantly from start to finish and we’ll help with advice and guidance every step of the way, making sure that your property is well looked after. And we’ll handle all the paperwork when a client hires your house, from contracts to Public Liability Insurance to invoicing, with your earnings going straight into your bank account.

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    What makes a hireable shoot location?

    We’re interested in all kinds of properties, but typically clients look for the following when hiring a shoot location:

    • Living spaces large enough to accommodate a crew of 10 people plus equipment.
    • Properties within the M25, although we will consider seaside, architectural, historic or unusual properties further afield.
    • For larger scale film and photo shoots, good parking and access are required.

    Become one of our exclusive locations

    We work hard for all the owners of our shoot locations, but we enjoy a closer working relationship with the properties that are exclusive to hire through us and we strive to bring in the right sort of bookings to suit them perfectly. They get extra benefits, including a lower commission rate, free photography (subject to conditions) and preferential positioning in location searches.

    What to expect from hiring out your house as a shoot location

    Hiring out your property as a shoot location allows you to make extra income from your home and be part of a thriving and exciting industry, but it’s important to have a flexible approach. We’re here to help the owners of our shoot locations with any issues, big or small, but it helps to be realistic at the start about what you are getting into and whether it is right for you.

    • Once a client has expressed an interest in hiring your house, one of our team will contact you to discuss your availability: we’ll check dates and tell you about the shoot, the fee, the crew size and any other requirements.
    • If your house makes a shortlist, we will be in touch to arrange a visit (recce) by one of the production team to take snaps of your location helping them to make a final decision. For larger scale shoots, such as TV and filming, further recces eg Director recce and Technical recce might need to take place before a shoot is confirmed.
    • On the shoot day the house needs to be clean, tidy and shoot-ready. Valuables and sentimental items should be stored away from the shoot areas.
    • It’s best to be there when the shoot team arrive to give the Producer a quick tour of the location and pass on any important information. It is helpful to provide a list including WiFi details, contact numbers any recommended local eateries.
    • Now’s the time to make yourself scarce and let the crew get on with their shoot. It may be possible to remain in the house in rooms away from the shoot areas and it’s important to be available by phone in case any queries arise on the day.
    • At the end of the shoot, we recommend a walk around the location with the Producer to check that all is in order and flagging up any issues with them. Do let us know of any problems.
    • If the location is hired for more than one day, most crews will expect to leave some equipment overnight so please let them know where you’d like these items to be stored.
    • Once the shoot is over, just submit your invoice to Fresh Locations together with any overtime or extras agreed and your fees will be paid into your bank account.


    Helen and all the team at Fresh Locations have been so helpful with the process of using our house as a location for shoots. From the start they gave the best advice and are always at the end of the phone to chat through shoots. It feels like they know their clients well and manage any problems quickly and efficiently.
    We looks forward to continuing to work with them over the years
    Lucy – Melrose – SW18
    Michelle, Helen, Ali and Vicky make up the fabulous team at Fresh Locations! We have been on their books for the past three years and cannot fault their professionalism and organisation on every level when arranging and booking recces and shoots in our home. They are pro-active at pushing our house if they think we fit the brief, from the first recce through to the shoot day, and always with good humour!
    On the few occasions where we have had to report post shoot damage, the team at Fresh very efficiently communicate between us and the client to resolve problems as quickly as possible. I would highly recommend Fresh to anyone looking for a pro-active, hard working agency- they are the best!
    Nicola and Greg – Nuthurst Hill -SW2
    We’ve been working with Fresh for several years – they are speedy, friendly, knowledgeable and thorough. They make the whole process of using our home for shoots smooth and easy, and always make sure we get the house back as if a whole team of cast and crew had never been there!
    Alice- Sidmouth – NW2
    Fresh Locations is a wonderful and very personal agency: they take enormous trouble to find exactly the right shoots for me, and handle everything with the minimum of hassle and fuss. I could not recommend them more highly.
    Kate – Bedmond – WD5

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