A Lookback To Some Of Our Most Exciting Shoot Locations In 2023

In the past year at Fresh Locations we have provided a wide variety of shoot locations for a number of exciting projects in and around London. Here are some of our highlights from 2023…

Amazon Music Commercial

Back in July of 2023, Amazon Music filmed their TV commercial at London shoot location ‘Sydenham Lodge’. The feel-good advert features two people dancing to music, showcasing Sydenham Lodge’s stylish mid-century living room and retro kitchen.

Rick Astley Music Video

In October, ‘Pembridge’ was used as the shoot location for Rick Astley’s new music video ‘Forever and More’, which was directed by Simon Pegg. The video shows Rick and his team preparing to hit the town in Pembridge’s sleek, spacious interior, and then speeding off in a car down the impressive driveway.

Uber Eats

British rapper and actor Idris Elba starred in the latest Uber Eats campaign, which was filmed at the contemporary London shoot location of ‘Eglantine’. The series of short videos take place in the high ceilinged kitchen and dining area.

Duran Duran Music Video

The music video for Duran Duran’s latest single ‘Black Moonlight’ was filmed at the London shoot location ‘Wimbledon Manor’. Created by Grammy-winning director Jonas Åkerlund, the video sees Duran Duran delve into their dark side, combining their timeless glamour with the vintage flair of the Victorian era.

John Lewis Christmas Advert

At the end of 2023, the greatly anticipated John Lewis Christmas advert was released, which was shot at the London shoot location ‘Oakleigh’. This year’s ad featured a heartwarming story of a family adopting an unusual friend; Snapper the Venus fly trap.

Fresh Locations provide more than just stunning shoot locations; we partner with your vision. We offer expert location advice, seamless production support, and a passion for exceeding expectations.

Ready to take your next shoot project to the next level? Contact Fresh Locations today and let us unlock the perfect backdrop for your creative masterpiece!

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