Colourful Shoot Locations In London

We have a fantastic variety of colourful shoot locations in London that are bursting with personality…

Our collection of colourful residential properties has been steadily growing as there has been an increased demand for shoot locations with a unique style. These houses are ideal for photoshoots and filming that require an individual and playful aesthetic.

Take A Look At Some Of Our Latest Colourful Shoot Locations…


‘Valetta’ is a large detached house in West London. This shoot location has a range of bright colours and patterns in each room. Highlights of this property include the blue master bedroom with freestanding bath, the large green kitchen island and the bright red floor to ceiling bookcases in the sitting room.


Over in North West London is the newly renovated shoot location ‘Fraser’. Even the exterior of this property stands out from the crowd. The bold colour continues into the interior of the house, with blues, reds and greens creating the majority of this property’s colour palette.


Located in South East London is the vibrant semi-detached family house ‘Toucan’, which has a stunning curated maximalist interior. Every inch of this property has been playfully decorated with quirky pieces and contrasting colours, making it a totally unique shoot location.


‘Watermead’ is a large family house in N20. This shoot location has a spacious open plan ground floor with accents of colourful furniture and wallpaper threaded throughout. Additionally, there are multiple colourful bedrooms upstairs.


Also located in North London, ‘Plum’ is a spacious detached Victorian Vicarage. In this house each room has its own distinctive colour palette, creating a variety of styles within a single property. This makes ‘Plum’ an extremely versatile shoot location.


Last, but by no means least, is shoot location ‘Oman’ in NW2. Within in this detached house you will find a unique and glamorous red and gold full size bar area, teal bedrooms and a burgundy living room.

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