Style Feature: Beata Heuman Inspired Locations

Within the Fresh Locations library we have a stunning selection of shoot locations that reflect the creative and uniquely modern interior style of Beata Heuman…

Beata Heuman is a Swedish interior designer who set up her solo London practice in 2013. Her style can be easily recognised by it’s rich colours, playful patterns and quirky details. Beata has described her style as being influenced by a range of contemporary and historical aesthetics. Heuman’s interiors popularised further when she published her best-selling book in March 2021, called “Every Room Should Sing”, which focuses on the elements that shape her design philosophy.

It is unmistakable that Heuman’s style has been influencing the interior design of residential shoot locations in London. The charming aesthetics provide the perfect backdrop for lifestyle and filming shoots that require a modern and characterful setting.

We have curated a selection of properties from the Fresh Locations library that reflect Heuman’s captivating interiors…

Rosabella‘ is a perfect example of a shoot location that emulates the Beata Heuman style. This terraced house in North London has a beautifully curated interior which tiptoes on the edge of maximalism, but avoids being visually overwhelming by balancing the busy patterns with clean lines and earthy colours.

Recently added to the Fresh Locations library is ‘Sage‘ in SE6. This shoot location has a unique open split level kitchen and dining space, the style of which takes after Beata Heuman’s mix of contemporary and classical aesthetics. Throughout the property there is a combination of beautifully patterned fabrics and blocks of colour.

Also in South East London, you can find the Semi-detached Victorian house ‘Ringmore‘. Colour has been used within this shoot location to enhance architectural elements; doorframes, cornicing, wood panelling. It’s clear that the furniture, artwork and ornaments have been carefully curated to compliment the painted features.

Bakersfield‘ is a five storey Georgian house in North London. This property is bursting with personality created by its playful details, such as the living room’s bug wallpaper and the Matisse-style wall feature in the ensuite bathroom. As with Beata Heuman’s designs, the quirkiness is beautifully balanced by a distinct orderliness.

Your surroundings affect you consciously and unconsciously, and we should all aspire to construct a home environment that helps us to be the person we want to be. An interior can enrich your life, and can even open your mind to certain ideas. You need to seek the right combination of whatever matters to you.” – quote from Beata Heuman’s book ‘Every Room Should Sing’ .

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